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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fashion in the Frum World

How is everyone’s summer going . I had one or two great post-ideas but my friendstalked me out of it ( you know who you are ).
So I finally decided to go with a request from another very close friend of mine. Shopping in frum clothing stores.
Some of the stores I have been to in Lakewood and NY have these rather annoying signs about hemlines and other “Tznius guidelines” . Hello, I went to BY and Seminary. I don’t need it shoved in my face every time I go shopping for clothing.
A lot of these stores have cramped dressing room areas, pushy sales-help, exorbitant prices and very few amenities. As a result I would much rather a very relaxing trip to the mall or shop online.
Some dept. stores have nice coffee lounges , nice décor, appealing and extemporary service. And the prices are still better than the outrageous prices in the little hole-in-the-wall basement stores in Boro Park and elsewhere. But unfortunately, there is lil variety of modest outfits in these dept. stores, as it is a radically immodest world.
A good part of the blame is our own fault. I remember a few years back a lady who was a world renowned fashion executive and became a baalas tshuva came to speak in Lakewood . Now she lives in Yerushalyim in a small apt and does little jobs in a home-based business. it’s a shame because of a woman of her abilities and talent could make a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. A friend of mine asked her why she wouldn’t want to spearhead a campaign to market a fashionable, tasteful Tznius line of lady’s outfits for today’s frum women, and snidely replied that all the women here manage to dress very elegantly. In my humble opinion that is very short-sighted.
On a positive note, lately I have discovered a lot of nice outfits on many frum Tzniusdik websites.

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