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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

High Aspirations

Over the weekend I noticed this letter in one of the local magazines, and found it to be extremely offensive. Maybe its just me but it seems that Lakewood is becoming more and more distasteful all the time. At least most people used to work hard at creating an illusion of being sincere ehliche Yidden that believed in Chovos HaLovovos. Now it seems they dont even try to do that anymore.

This letter basically says, if you don't come from our corporate headquarters-approved elementary school, or are a sibling from the aforementioned school, or are a child of one of the employees at the corporate school, then WE DO NOT WANT YOU... its as simple as that..

In my naivete, I thought high schools were about fairness and educational achievement. This basically says that if you come from the right school, even your grades don't matter. If you don't come from the right school even a straight A average won't help. I would strongly recommend that entrance exams be instituted in all Lakewood Girl's high schools. This will encourage girls to strive for excellence in academic achievement . That way every girl has a fair chance of admission regardless of family or school background. It also greatly reduces the politics involved.

This brings to mind the concept of the ever elusive "good girl". What exactly defines a good girl, it isnt grades, and it certainly isnt excellence in learning or bain odom lchaveiro. Perhaps, you ,dear readers, can enlighten me.

A girl in Monsey recently, told me that striving for academic superiority is a waste of time because after marriage, the valedictorian and the girl at the bottom of her class will be mopping the same floor. This is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard in my life. Talk about high aspirations......

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