Hi, I was just your typical 19 year old Seminary girl in South Jersey (if you don't know where I mean, you are probably on the wrong blog). We all have nisoynos, challenges, and experiences, both positive and negative. Here is where I have decided to share some of them.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Glad to Be Back

So how was everyone’s Pesach ? It was a very relaxing, enjoyable break, but I really missed being away from my blog and all the other blogs, that I love to read , as well as corresponding with all my cyber-friends. Bh, I have been fortunate enough to meet a few in real life, and hope to meet some others in the near future.

First off, married life has its ups and downs. Obviously, the closeness is wonderful. For example, even the little things like the Shabbos, YomTov, and Sunday afternoon walks by the lake, and going to Ritas for ice-cream and stuff like that. On the down side, it does tend to overwhelm you. Marriage is a major adjustment, especially if you don’t come from a large family and you are usually having your own space, and lots of privacy. Then suddenly, you have to share a room, and your life, and all your waking hours with a man. It can get a bit suffocating.

I am not sure, if this is good or bad, but my husband is even more of a rebellious spirit than I am. We were in Monsey in a restaurant that has posted signs (in Yiddish of course), that request and plead with all the customers to eat in separate male and female areas. My husband just sits down and starts feeding me, and says he can’t read Yiddish. Then we go to a store that sells snoods and women’s apparel, and he asks the saleslady if the store accepts money from men. Guess, I will just have to wait for the new Zman to begin so I can go shopping , alone and unfettered, as I wasn’t able to get anything. He said he was looking for the right snood for me that talks to him. So I told him, that they are going to cart him away to Rockland Psychiatric, if he is speaking to snoods. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that husbands should speak to their Callas, as opposed to her headgear.

As it is, I let him talk me into a long shoulder-length Sheitl that is murder to wear in the hot weather. Probably, I will just stick to falls and Kangol caps all summer.
Chol HaMoed was great. We went to Bear Mtn State Park one day, and bowling the next. It was a lot of fun.

YomTov was exceptionally enjoyable. There was a Young Israel-type shul that my friend introduced me to. The daverning was very nice, as were the extremely entertaing droshas that the Rabbi gave. It was also an extremely female-friendly shul. Something that is sorely lacking in Lakewood.. In six months, I have gone from a “bummy” girl to a young married woman who escaped from the asylum.

I hope you all a holiday season that was just as pleasant.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Ok , now for the update you have all been patiently awaiting, and I have been really dying to write. B”h, I finally found some time for it.

I had an unbelievably , wonderfully romantic date after the first one that I wrote about . It started off in Manhattan near Central Park. We rode in a very elegant, stately horse-drawn carriage all around Central Park West and 92nd St for about an hour having a very fascinating conversation and taking in the sights and sounds of New York City, it was absolutely marvelous.
This was followed by an incredibly sumptuous meal at Abigails. Which is undoubtedly one of my favorite restaurants in the world, after the fabulous Steakhouse in the Laromme hotel, and the bistro on Diezengoff. On subsequent dates, we enjoyed the fine dining experiences of Kosher Delight, Mr. B’way, FugiHana, Levana, VaBene, and a few other really great ones that were out of this world.

After many, many phenomenally awesome day and night excursions, we finally started to take things seriously. As enjoyable as the fun and games were , it was finally time to take the plunge , despite considerable insecurities on both of our parts as we both had bad experiences in the past. Both of us had to be extremely cautious as we had suffered broken engagements in the past. But it was finally time for a lil Daas Torah.
First it was my turn, so I went to a big Rov in Brooklyn that I have known and trusted for years. After a very comforting and reassuring conversation, it was my partner’s turn , so off to Canada it was.

I consider myself very fortunate to say that the Tosher Rebbe is the holiest, most spiritually looking person I have ever seen in my entire life. After receiving a warm brocha from him, we were walking down Rue De Andre Roullette, when my soon-to-be Chossan in a most unromantic manner said, “Uh, this means were engaged”. I guess even the air you breathe in Tosh, affects even the most debonair guys.. But I was still very happy. About five weeks later, we were married.
It was very hush, hush and only my closest friends on or offline knew, due to the fact that I had several nr engagements, and one broken engagement in the past. So I wasn’t really going to get excited until it was fait acompli. To be honest, I am still not sure it really happened even with the ring on my finger or the annoying encumbrance on my head.
I must say, that it is a bit of an adjustment. We had our first official fight in the middle of Sheva Brochas week. I banged my hand on the table in frustration. Unfortunately I dented my Calla Zaiga in the process, a $4000 gold and diamond watch that was bought in France.
But all in all, the Chasana and Sheva Brochas was really wonderful and I am very happy.
I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all my friends who constantly me Chizuk and encouragement, you know who you are.
Lastly, in lieu of wedding presents, I am posting a button on the side of the blog, for a very Choshuva orphanage in Bnei Brak that helps a lot of children. Check out their website. I hope to be able to post more regularly now.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension