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Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Girl

Over Shabbos, I met my friend's sister for the first time since she came back from Seminary. Naturally, the first question is do you know of a shidduch. In the course of telling me what her wish-list is, she said that rather irritating phrase I hear all too often. "I'm looking for money, or I want a very good bochur, because I'm a top girl".

Which got me to thinking, what exactly is a top-girl. This girl isn't exactly a raving beauty, she is of average looks, she isn't the valedictorian, or the biggest genius in her class. Her family is very nice, and real baalei-chesed, but her father isn't exactly a Rosh Yeshiva or an Adom Godol, nor is he very affluent, by any stretch of the imagination. He is a very sweet, geshmak near-do-well.. In terms of tznius, I wouldn't say that she is lacking in this area , relatively speaking, in this very weak generation, however, she isn't a paragon or a role-model in this area either.

So what exactly makes someone a "top-girl". Based on a very simple perfunctory understanding of Mesillas Yesharim, I would think that someone who announces, "I'm a top-girl, by definition is a bottom-girl. By the obvious presence of excessive 'gaiva' or arrogance , and sheer void of understanding on the simplest level of what the Mussar seforim say.

In short, I'm at a losss to understand, what is a "top-girl" .. Maybe it is the most thoroughly indoctrinated, the girl who thinks the least, because her chip-implant is entirely intact. Basically, the future Collel-wife, who will be the least controversial and threatening . In other words, a perfectly, submissive drone in the BMG collective.

I wish her all the brocha and hatzlacha in the world, and it is my sincerest desire that she grow to actually become a "top-girl" the way the Torah and our sages have always defined that, rather then merely in the cultural, colloquial sense..

Monday, September 08, 2008

More Lakewood Games

Ok, I have been enjoying my vacation and retirement for a while now. Also, I didn’t feel I really had much to write about.

But now my blood is boiling, so I’m forced to post. Personally, I honestly, don’t see what all the fuss is about with the girl’s high schools. The smartest thing the girls who weren’t accepted and the families can do is go to an out-of-town High school. The secular education is absolutely abysmal. I know all the self-righteous hypocritical terds will disparage that. That is until, you successfully, complete college, get an advanced degree and a lucrative career. Then these selfsame characters, are the very first to be picking your pockets like a pack of vultures. I have yet to meet one professional girl or married woman tell me that her money wasn’t accepted by one of the Mosdos. Let’s face it they aren’t teaching the girls Torah, chas v’shalom, so at least give them a decent, adequate secular education. Since that obviously, isn’t going to happen so fast, those girls who are forced to go to an out-of-town high school are actually the lucky ones in my perception.

For those, who do not feel that way, the following solutions might be just the fix needed. Admittedly, they are rather hardball and draconian, but desperate times call for desperate measures. All the parents should band together as a sign of achdus and ahavas yisroel, since it is Elul. At the very least, all parents that have had to deal with this aggravation and heartache at one time or other, should refuse to pay tuition, building fund, or donations of any kind for a month for each week that this nonsense continues. When the Reshoyim masquerading as hanhala for the high schools can’t pay salaries to their staff, or utilities, or mortgage, it will teach them a lesson they will not forget anytime soon.

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but due to multitude of our numerous sins, we are still in Golus., and mere guest of this country. Bh, America is a “medina shel chesed” , but there are still laws. One of them is known as the “truancy law”. If one of the parents affected, or just a resident of Lakewood, who is angry enough, were to call up the State Education dept., theoretically they could force all the girls to attend public school, until this matter is resolved. Something, tells me, that if that were to occur, all the girls would magically be accepted, faster, then the the time it takes to read this blog. Perhaps, the State of New Jersey, should hold the Roshei Yeshiva legally responsible for accessory to a crime . Namely, the violation of the Truancy law.

It is my sincere hope and wish, that all the girls are back in school this week. And that mashiach should come speedily, so this preposterous, disgusting nonsense doesn’t keep happening..

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Primary Pulmonary Hypertension